project pictures 2 124Getrude and John have got the donated laptops during the visit of Marga and Bart and now have a better connection to the internet. They wait for your email and comments via: and

Marga and Bart, the coordinators for Holland, visited Storm of Life from 13 – 18 March 2011. During the visit all internal projects and plans were discussed.

At the farm the harvest is almost finished and the first maize has been planted.
A field with tomatoes is ready to harvest within a few weeks.

The rice plants on the rice field are growing very well.
The first harvest is expected in april.

The foundation “E-learning for kids” gave download links to make it possible to download this software on the laptops. The E-learning for kids games educates the children languages, mathematics etc and also train the children to use the computer.

Agri Information Partners donated 2 laptops for the Storm of Life project. This makes it possible that the children and teachers learn to use the computer.