An installation for drinking water is explored. The water is transported via a main pipe of 800 meters length from the reservoir at the farm to the main tank for drinking water. The water must be purified by tablets now. Fundings to install filters are not available yet.

Through the financial support of Pull position we started a rice field of 1 acre. First sowing was in January 2011. The first harvest is in April 2011.
At the end 2011 the total harvest was 720 kgs!! The major part of the harvest will be used for own consumption. A small part will be sold at the market.

A new temporary classroom was built in 2009. This was financed by a friend from Holland who visited Storm of Life in April 2009.

We have a farm which is approximately 1 ha where we do farming to support the children.
An irrigation system for the farm was installed in the second half of 2009.
This was financed by 2 companies in Holland. Via a pipe from the river to the farm, a reservoir can be filled up with water which can be used for the irrigation on the farm.